St Johns School

Investing in Children, Investing in the Future!

St Johns Schools admits children from 4 to 11 years of age. Children start in the Foundation Stage class in the September prior to their fifth birthday.

To attend St Johns Primary School you need to be living in our catchment area. Addresses can be checked with us or by contacting the Department of Education and Children’s Offices.

Exceptions to this rule may include children who reside out of the catchment area but whose parents have been granted prior permission for their children to attend our school by the DEC. Application forms for out of catchment admissions can be obtained at the school office.

If you move out of our catchment area after your child has started school you may keep your children at St Johns if you wish, or you can move them to the school which serves the area that you have moved to.

Under the ‘sibling rule’ any younger brother or sister can be enrolled at St Johns School - even if you are living outside the area - as long as you have at least one child at the school.

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