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School Meals:

School meals cost £2.35 per day / £11.75 per week. This can be paid in advance online using ParentPay (details available from the school administrator). If you wish to start or cancel school meals you must give a weeks notice in writing to the school administrator.

School Meals - Spring/Summer Menu 2022

Packed Lunches:

These may be brought to school in a container or lunch box clearly marked with the child’s full name. However, packed lunches must not include fizzy drinks, glass bottles, hot drinks or sweets of any kind.


Some parents may choose the option of collecting their child and having lunch at home.

Breaktime Snacks

If your child wants to bring a mid-morning healthy snack that is fine but we ask that fresh fruit or dried fruit is the only snack provided.

A piece of fruit like an apple, banana, a few grapes, some raisins or apricots or carrot sticks is an easy snack to provide as well as being a healthy choice with no litter.


All the children have access to water from the filtered water fountains throughout the day. A named water bottle should be brought to school by each child daily.


Milk costs £1.05 per week and is available at morning break. This is payable at the beginning of each term and a weeks notice is required if you wish to cancel. There are no refunds for milk but it may be cancelled if your child is not drinking it. Please make all cheques payable to ‘Isle of Man Government’.

Tuck Shop:

Tuck shop costs 30p. It is available Friday morning break and usually offers a choice of toast and sometimes one other item such as raisins, crackers or snack-a-jacks. Alternatively, children may bring a piece of fruit for morning break. No sweets, crisps or other snacks are allowed.


Please do not send cakes or sweets for birthdays because we have children in school with allergies and medical conditions who cannot have these treats.

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