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DESC Isle of Man Swimming Guidelines

Children in Years 3 - 6 have swimming lessons once a week at Western Swimming Pool in Peel during the Autumn and Spring Terms.


Boys must wear ‘traditional’ swimming trunks or other ASA approved suits. Other styles can trap air, which makes swimming and the development of a good style difficult.

Girls should wear one piece swim suits.

Children with long hair which can reach their eyes or mouth must wear a swimming cap. If in the opinion of the Department of Education Swimming Teacher the child’s hair impedes his/her ability to swim correctly they must wear a swimming cap.


No jewellery may be worn. Children who have recently had their ears pierced should cover them with a neoprene band for the first six weeks to prevent injury/infection.


Goggles for swimmers are optional. Goggles designed for surface swimming should reach British Standard BS5883: 1996, and be marked accordingly. Faulty goggles, or incorrect use, can lead to eye injuries.

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