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In line with Department policy, medicines will not routinely be administered by staff unless the pupil has a chronic condition ie. epilepsy or diabetes.

However, if it is necessary for a child to receive medication during the school day for a short term condition or allergy, parents are welcome to visit the school office and complete the necessary paperwork. Medicines MUST ALWAYS be given directly to a member of staff.


Any child diagnosed with asthma must complete an asthma card and have an up to date inhaler in school at all times.

Severe Allergies

A medical form must be completed if your child is required to carry an EpiPen. Two in date EpiPens must to be kept in school at all times.

Vomiting or Diarrhoea

In the case of vomiting or diarrhoea a child should not return to school until 48 hours after symptoms have ceased to prevent the spread of infection to other children and to staff.

Head Lice

To help reduce your child’s risk of catching head lice:

  • Tie long hair back.
  • Check your child’s hair with a detector comb regularly.

If you find any lice consult your chemist for suitable treatment. Please advise school if you are treating your child for head lice.


During the summer months, please apply sunscreen to your children before school. Staff are not permitted to apply sunscreen to children. Children may bring sunscreen into school to apply themselves. Please label it clearly with their name.

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