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The Isle of Man Government's DESC Curriculum for Learning and Achievement.

"To inspire learners to flourish in life".

The curriculum is not prescriptive; rather it attempts to provide broad parameters in which schools can develop flexible, exciting and memorable learning experiences which support the development of a broad range of academic, social and personal skills.

There are ten agreed principles on which Essentials for Learning is built;

- the curriculum should be flexible enough to meet the needs of all learners.
partnership with the community
- the local community’s views about the curriculum should be listened to and the curriculum should equip pupils to make a positive contribution to Manx society.
- pupils should see the point of what they’re learning.
pupil voice
- pupils’ views about the curriculum should be listened to.
assessment should inform learning
- every pupil can improve and activities should match their levels of ability.
learning through enquiry
- the curriculum should be about answering important, meaningful questions.
- pupils should be able to make connections between learning in different contexts.
- all students should be valued equally.
active learning
- learning should be something learners do - not something that is done to them.
challenging and engaging
- pupils should be engaged and motivated.

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